iPad for Center Time!

My students need an iPad and case to use during our literacy center time.
My Students
My Kindergarten students are an active, curious group of 5 and 6 year olds. Our school is located in one of New Hampshire's largest cities. The kids come from all different backgrounds. For some, this is their very first school experience. I make it a priority to divide our day into a variety of activities in which the students are learning, but at the same time they are having fun. They learn best by doing and moving throughout our time together.
My Project
My full day Kindergarten students love time in the afternoon to make choices and be independent. Our center time encourages both decision making and independence! The students get to decide each day if they would like to read a book by themselves, listen to a book on CD, work on words with fun activities like using magnets or play-doh, visit the writing center... or work on literacy activities using an iPad. We only have 1 iPad in our room currently and another iPad would allow for more students to use technology while working on their early literacy skills! Center time is a favorite in Kindergarten!!
Thank you,
Mrs. DiMeo
Grades PreK-2

Reading and Relaxtion

My students need a reading area that they feel relaxed and comfortable in.
My Students
I teach an energetic group of third graders who love to learn. Some of my students learn differently, and I want to provide resources that will allow flexibility during the school day.
Currently, in my classroom, I have a diverse group of kids. From students significantly below grade level, students at grade level, students above grade level, I am also blessed to teach students who are hard of hearing. Having the opportunity to teach such a variety of children is an absolute pleasure. Providing new resources for a successful education is exciting for me as their teacher.
My Project
Reading to self and reading to others is such an important part of our grade level curriculum. As of right now, I do not have an area in my classroom devoted to student reading. My goal is to add an area in my classroom throughout the upcoming school year. During various times of the day, students will be given the opportunity to go to an area of the classroom which they find successful while reading.
Thank you,
Mrs Mariano
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Literacy in Early Childhood Classroom!

My students need writing center materials as well as materials for a quiet space.

My Students

My classroom consists of 30 preschool aged students of mixed abilities. I have 15 students in my morning class which consists of students ages 3-4 and 15 students in my afternoon class who are 4-5 years old.
My classroom is a mix of students on IEPs and behavior plans as well as some private pay students. My class is filled with dreamers who believe they can be anything they want to be. I want them all to feel equal and valued in my classroom. They are wonderful young students who are eager to learn and have been so great in a time of adversity. They deserve all I can give them and more. This is my plea to help them.

My Project

I am looking to add some materials to my classroom. To be specific I am looking for early literacy materials including slant boards which make writing more developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. I am also looking for some manipulatives that will incorporate literacy into play.

Introduction to early literacy is extremely beneficial for preschoolers. The more they can be engulfed in literacy in their daily curriculum the stronger they will be in building those skills for the future.

I am also looking for large pillows to create a quiet space for my students. I work with students with special needs and they, like any other preschooler, benefit from a designated space to turn to in the classroom where they can calm down if they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Being a first year teacher is rough, a lot of personal money goes into materials for your classroom. I hoping by setting up this DonorsChoose.org page I can alleviate some of the out of pocket costs for me. Thank you so much!

Thank You,
Ms Hicks
Grades Prek-2
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Practicing Skills with Technology and Fun!

My students need Hot Dots.
My Students

This year I will be teaching an intensive needs classroom. I will have eight kindergarten students with a range of disabilities. They will go to a typical kindergarten classroom for morning meeting, recess, lunch, specialists, snack, and free choice play. The students will return to my classroom for academic instruction of math, reading, and writing. My students will be practicing their skills with a variety of materials and will require repetition. I want to build my library of interesting and engaging materials to keep them going!

My Project

My students will need a lot of skill repetition to learn literacy and math concepts. This new, fun technology will allow students to engage in the practice of these skills. The pen will allow students to self correct their answers. I have selected a wide variety of skill cards including addition, subtraction, shapes, number recognition, counting, spelling, vowels and consonants, and reading.

My students have technology at home through iPads and phones, but increasing their knowledge of types of technology is crucial. This new activity will engage my students and help them become independent. They will be able to practice their skills in a variety of ways using this activity.

Mrs. Gillis
Grades PreK-2
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